Unit1 Where did you go on vacation?△anyone pron.任何人Dont open the door to anyone stranger.不要给任何生疏人开门。You shouldnt trust anyone strange.你不应相信任何生疏人。
本文摘要:Unit1 Where did you go on vacation?△anyone pron.任何人Dont open the door to anyone stranger.不要给任何生疏人开门。You shouldnt trust anyone strange.你不应相信任何生疏人。


Unit1 Where did you go on vacation?△anyone pron.任何人Don't open the door to anyone stranger.不要给任何生疏人开门。You shouldn't trust anyone strange.你不应相信任何生疏人。

△anywhere adv.在任何地方{联}everywhere adv.无论那边This kind of flower can be seen everywhere in spring.春天这种花随处可见。Don't drop litter anywhere!/'eniwer/不要随地乱扔垃圾!△wonderful adj.精彩的;绝妙的How wonderful the film is!这部影戏何等精彩啊!There is going to be a wonderful movie on show this weekend.这个周末将上映一部精彩的 影戏。△few adj.&pron.不多;很少{考}修饰或指代可数名词复数。

/fju:/I think that you need to eat fewer sweets and morefruit.我认为你需要少吃甜食,多吃水果。△quite a few相当多;不少l've been in the army for quite a few years.△【most】adj., adv. & pron.最多;大多数Most people are so busy making a living.大多数人在忙碌地营生。△somethingpron.某事;某物操作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式I have something important to tell you.我有重要的事情要告诉你们。△nothing pron.没有什么;没有一件工具My grandma always tells me nothing is moreimportant than health.我的奶奶总是告诉我没有什么比康健更重要。

△everyone pron.每人;人人;所有人/'evriwAn/If everyone is ready, I will begin.如果大家都准备好了,我就开始。△of course固然;自然Of course l remember him.我固然记得他。△myself pron.我自己;我本人是第一人称I的反身代词。

l told myself to calmdown.我告诉自己要岑寂下来。△yourself pron. (pl. yourselves )你自己;您自己The sofa is terribly heavy. Can you move it by yourself?这个沙发很是重。你自己能搬得动它吗? [广东中考]△hen n.母鸡{联}cock n.公鸡;chick n.小鸡Mother hens protect their young by instinct.母鸡掩护小鸡出于本能。

△pig n.猪 /pig/I like the cute pig.我喜欢这只可爱的小猪。△seem 似乎;似乎;看来{搭}It seems that.. 似乎...../si:m/The maths problem seems to be very difficult to workout.这道数学题似乎很难明答。△bored adj.厌倦的;纳闷的{联}boring adj.令人厌倦的After a while, I began to get bored with my job.过了一段时间,我开始厌烦这份事情了。

△someone pron.某人 /'samwan/Someone is knocking at the door.有人在不停地敲门。diary n. 日记;记事簿 /'darari/As a student, we should keep a diary every day.作为一名学生,我们应该坚持天天记日记。Did you put the meeting date in your diary?你把开会日期写在记事簿里了吗?enjoyable adj.有兴趣的;令人愉快的Games can make learning more enjoyable.游戏可以寓教于乐。

△activity n.运动{记}act(行动)+ivity (名词后缀)→activityEveryone should take an active part in this activity.大家都应该努力到场这个运动。△decide 决议;选定{搭}decide to do sth.决议做某事After two hours' drive, the driver decided to stop andhave a rest.经由两个小时的车程,司机决议停下来休息一下。△try v. &n.实验;设法;努力{搭}try one's best竭尽所能We should try our best to learn English well.我们应该努力学好英语。

We must try our best to protect plants.我们必须努力掩护植物。△paragliding n.滑翔伞运动There are thousands of paragliding fans all over the world.成千上万的滑翔伞运动喜好者遍布在世界各地。△feel like....的感受;感受到{考}后接动词-ing形式。She feels like she is flying.她感受像在飞一样。

△bird n.鸟There are many lovely birds in the tree.树上有许多可爱的小鸟The little birds are eating rice.小鸟们正在吃米粒。△bicycle n.自行车;脚踏车My father bought me a new bike for my birthday.过生日时爸爸给我买了一辆新自行车。

Can James ride a bicycle?詹姆斯会骑自行车吗?△building n.修建物;屋子There are many tall buildings in the city.都会里有许多高峻的修建物。This is the tallest building here.这是这儿最高的修建了。△trader n.商人His father is a trader.他的爸爸是一名商人。

Credit is everything to a trader.信用对于商人而言至关重要。△wonder v.想知道;琢磨I wonder why he doesn't go to school?我想知道他为什么不去学校?The little girl wonders who she is.小女孩想知道她是谁。△difference n.差异;差异make a difference有影响;有重要作用Can you tell the differences between the twins ?你能说出这对双胞胎的差异吗?△top n.顶部;外貌There is a tall tree on the top of the mountain.山顶上有一颗大树。

The tower is on the top of the hill. 塔位于山顶上。△wait v.等候;期待wait for等候,期待My mother is waiting for me at the school gate.妈妈正在学校门口等我。I didn' t catch the early bus and l had to wait for the next one.我没有遇上早班车,不得不等下一班。

△umbrella n.三;雨I forget to bring my umbrella.我忘带雨伞了。Remember to bring your umbrella on rainy days。记得在下雨天带雨伞。

△wet adj.是的;湿润的;下雨的/wet/The ground was wet after the heavy rain.大雨事后地面很湿。△because of因为{考}后接名词、代词或动词-ing形式。He was late for school because of the heavy rain yesterday.昨天因为大雨他上学迟到了。

△below prep. & adv. .在..... 下面;到.....面Please write your name below the line.请在线下写上你的名字。△enough adj. & adw.足够的(地);富足的(地);充实的(地)He's strong enough to carry the heavy box.他足够强壮可以搬动这个重箱子。△hungry adj.饥饿的 {联}full adj.饱的He is so hungry.他太饿了。

△as adv. .....样;如同; conj.当 .....时;如同Can you run as fast as Make?你能跑得和迈克一样快吗?△hill n.小山;山丘There are some sheep on a hill.山上有几只绵羊。△duck n.鸭There are many ducks in the lake.湖里有许多鸭子。

△dislike v. & n.不喜爱(的事物);厌恶(的事物)She dislikes playing the piano.她不喜欢弹钢琴。△Tian' anmen Square 天安门广场Last Monday I went to Tian’anmen Square to see the national flag raised. 上周一我去天安门广场看升国旗了。△the Palace Museum故宫博物院We visited the Palace Museum yesterday.昨天我们观光了故宫博物院。